Hats & Caps

We carry many styles and colors of low-rise Ball Caps, bearing military- or law-enforcement logos, all high-quality and made to last. We also carry military Berets, a huge variety of military camo Boonie Hats that are great for hunting or fishing. Patrol Caps come in many styles, fabrics, and camo patterns, some feature pockets and ear flaps, others offer a thin and breathable hat for hot weather. Fleece or knit Watch Caps are guaranteed to keep your head warm in frigid weather.


Headwear is where you'll find head coverings that aren't quite hats or caps. Extra-large patterned Bandanas are always useful, for keeping the sun off your head, keeping the dust out of your mouth, or any number of odd uses. Headwraps are shaped bandanna-style head coverings that are easier to tie and adjust. And we offer wool Scarves or several colors of large Shemaugh tactical desert scarves.


Finally, Eyewear is where you'll find things like mil-spec aviator Sunglasses, or special protective eyewear (SPECS), or Goggles.