New Military Footwear

There are many types of boots designed to be worn by soldiers in combat or training, including specialized versions like jungle boots, desert boots, wet weather boots, and cold weather and ECWCS (Extreme Cold Weather Clothing System) "Mickey Mouse" boots. Standard combat boots are usually all, or mostly, leather, but can feature nylon side panels. Jungle boots are designed for humid and potentially damp conditions, and feature drainage systems and mildew resistance. Desert boots are designed for dry, arid conditions, and feature brushed leather that don't scuff or abrade easily, and are designed to keep sand out. Cold weather boots are designed to insulate the feet, keeping them warm at low temperatures, often featuring liners. Mickey Mouse boots are full-rubber boots with an insulating layer of air sandwiched between the inner and outer layers of material, and keep feet warm down to sixty degrees below freezing.

Used Military Footwear

We offer new versions of all these boot styles, but also used versions of cold wether boots and combat and jungle boots. Though they have been used by soldiers in the field or on base, we inspect each and every pair before shipping, and gaurantee a thick sole with good tread, and though they might show mild scuffs or scrapes, they are all in great condition and will provide many years of use. Even a used military boot will outlast a new commercial knock-off, and cost a lot less to boot.

Commercial Footwear - (Temp. Out of Stock)

We offer several styles of commercial footwear, from boots and shoes designed for outdoors, camping, hiking, and hunting, to boots designed for work or tactical applications. Though not military issue or design, these boots tend to borrow several features, and in some cases improve on them, to offer comfort, security, stability, and longevity of use.

Foot Accessories

We carry several foot accessories as well. Boot Blousers are elastic bands designed to help keep the cuff of dress pants held in place while tucked neatly into boots for dress purposes or functionality in the field, and are also great at keeping slacks or pants cuffs out of bike chains. Foot powder is used by soldiers to keep feet dry and fresh on long hikes--perfect for hiking or hunting as well. We offer durable and strong replacement boot laces, as well as polish and shine kits to keep your boots and shoes looking presentable, and socks and liners to keep your feet warm, safe, and dry.