BDU/ACU (Fatigues)

ACU stands for Army Combat Uniform. Many people confuse the term ACU with the digital camo style its first iteration uses. First-generation Army Combat Uniforms feature Universal Camouflage Pattern (UCP) camo style, which blends foliage green, desert sand, and slate gray. The whole pattern appears darker or lighter depending on exposure to sunlight to work effectively in desert, woodland, and urban environments.

MultiCam is a 7-color, multi-environment camouflage pattern that features has a background of a brown to light-tan gradient and lime green blending between, large blotches of green to yellowish green gradient, and dark brown and light pinkish blotches spread throughout the pattern. This allows the overall appearance to change from greenish to brownish in different areas of the fabric, while teh smaller blotches break up the larger areas. MultiCam hides volume and form by tricking the way the human eye percieves color, most especially by use of gradients--you don't have large sections of uniform color, but a smooth transition from one color to another. MultiCam allows whatever it covers to blend into the background almost completely, in an absolutely huge range of environments.

ACU shirts feature two front pockets and shoulder pockets, with a pen/pencil stall on the left sleeve, a zipper-close front, velcro-close mandarin collar and velcro-adjustable cuffs. ACU pants feature velcro-close cargo and rear pockets, deeper slash pockets, a drawstring waist cord and cinch cords on the cargo pockets. Digital patterns provide better camouflage in urban environments, but some dislike the look.

BDU shirts feature button closure, button-adjustable cuffs, and traditional collars, as well as four front button-close pockets in a more squared style. BDU pants feature button-close rear and cargo pockets, and metal slide tabs for waist adjustment. While it has been replaced for military use, BDUs and BDU style shirts and coats are still rugged, durable, comfortable, and the traditional woodland pattern is still very useful for hunting, and many prefer its classic look to the newer patterns.

We offer new shirts, new pants, used shirts, used pants, and irregulars in almost every style and pattern.

Casual & Exercise

We also offer Casual and Exercise military clothing in the form of Physical Fitness Uniforms, issued by the Army and are water and windproof, yet lightweight, track suits to be worn doing calisthenics drills and exercise--great for joggers or simply windbreakers, they are extremely reflective for night visibility, and designed for strenuous activity. We carry Army sweatpants, sweatshirts, and T-shirts. Finally, we have GI wool sweaters and v-neck sweaters for colder weather.


We carry a wide variety of tactical and utility clothing, from field pants to wool pants, military work shirts and wool shirts, and tactical pants and shorts by Tru-spec, great for use by law enforcement or EMTs.