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ECW Mitten Set, Olive Drab, USGI,
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Mitten Set, Extreme Cold Weather, Genuine US Military Issue

NSN: 8415-00-782-6716 (Medium)
NSN: 8145-00-782-6717 (Large)
Gov't Acquisition Cost: $35.86
Mil-Spec: MIL-M-834

Designed to be worn as an overshell over smaller mittens or gloves, these are leather, wool, and nylon gauntlet-style overmittens, with a removable quilted polyester batting liner. They come with a 70" shoulder cord, which attaches to a cord loop near the thumb, so they can be hung over the neck when removed to use fingers for detailed tasks, and easily slipped back on. The outer shell is leather for the palm, fingers, and thumb, and a polyester-backed wool pile on the back of the hand for warmth. The wrist is a NYCO sateen, reinforced by cotton webbing straps, with adjustable cotton webbing and buckles at wrist and collar. The liner has four snaps at the collar to stay with the outer shell securely, but can be easily removed for cleaning.

  • Gauntlet-Style Overmitens
  • Adjustment Straps at wrist and collar; rollback and bartack
  • Tongueless Web Strap Buckle w/ Cotton Webbing Tabs
  • Palm: Chrome-Tanned full grain leather deerskin Leather, Saddle Brown
  • Back: Knitted 100% Wool Pile, Brown, acrylic-backed spun polyester mesh
  • Wrist: NYCO Sateen, Class 2, Olive Green 107; 1" Cotton Webbing reinforcement
  • Insert: Quilted Polyester w/Batting Fill, Pale Green
  • 70" braided water-repellant shoulder cord w/webbing loop
  • Metal Snap Fasteners to remove/secure insert
  • Snap behind thumb to attach left and right glove together for storage
  • Cord loop behind thumb and inside wrist collar
  • Braided webbing cord loop on thumb side
  • 1/4" backstitch on all seams and stitchings
  • Tubular-Braided Surged Seams



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