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Gen I Tactical Load Bearing (LBV/LBE) Vests, Woodland Camo, USGI
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Tactical Load Bearing Vest (LBV/LBE Vest), Gen I
NSN: 8415-01-296-8878
Condition: Used, Good Condition
Size: Universal

Commonly known as the LBV88 / ITLBV / TLBV, the Individual Tactical Load-Bearing Vest is constructed of a seven-ounce Cordura nylon fabric printed in the woodland camouflage pattern, and weighs 1.8 pounds empty. The vest is a part of the "Individual Integrated Fighting System (IIFS)", and is compatible with a standard individual equipment belt. The individual equipment belt is secured to the tactical load-carrying vest with 10 belt loops that use both velcro and snap fasteners. The Tactical Load Bearing Vest has four permanently attached pockets that can carry a total of six 30-round 5.56mm magazines for the M16A2. Located directly below are two frag grenade pockets. The pocket covers are secured by one snap and a strip of velcro, with pull-tab open. The shoulders are protected by 1/2 inch foam padding. The vest closes in front with two chest straps using plastic quick release buckles. Two 2 1/4 inch webbing and two D-Rings sewn to the back of the tactical load-carrying vest can be used as equipment attachment points. Compatible with ALICE gear.

  • Genuine U.S. Government Issue
  • Cordura Nylon Construction
  • Woodland Camouflage Pattern
  • Webbing Harness
  • 4 magazine pockets w/ snap closure
  • 2 grenade pockets w/ snap closure
  • Velcro tie-down straps
  • Lace-adjustable waist
  • Buckle front
  • Universal, one size fits all

The Generation II Tactical LBV/LBE Vest shares the same NSN as the Gen I, but there are differences. The Gen II features a mesh backing to the front panels and slanted pockets, whereas the Gen I has squared pockets and a solid-backed front panel.




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