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MANUAL: Explosives and Demolitions (FM 5-25)
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Department of the Army Field Manual 5-25
186 pages, 5 chapters, paperback
May 1967

--= Table of Contents =--

Ch 1. Demolition Materials
    Military Explosives and Special Charges
    Demolition Accessories

Ch 2. Firing Systems
    Nonelectric Firing System
    Electric Firing System
    Detonating Cord Priming
    Dual Firing System

Ch 3. Calculation and Placement of Charges
    Timber Cutting Charges
    Steel-Cutting Charges
    Pressure Charges
    Breaching Charges
    Cratering and Ditching Charges
    Land Clearing and Quarrying Charges

Ch 4. Demolition Projects
    Demolition Plan
    Techniques Common to Most Demolitions
    Bridge Demolitions
    Damaging Transportation Lines
    Damaging Communications Systems
    Destruction of Buildings and Installations
    Destruction of Equipment and Supplies

Ch 5. Safe Handling, Transportation, and Storage of Explosives
    General Safety Precautions
    Transportation, Storage and Disposal

Appendix A: References
Appendix B: Metric Charge Calculations
Appendix C: Use of Land Mines, Aerial Bombs, and Shells as Demolition Charges
Appendix D: Summary of Explosive Calculation Formulas
Appendix E: Power Requirements for Series Firing Circuit
Appendix F: Special Demolition Materials and Techniques




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