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Vests > Military Vests > FLC (Fighting Load Carrier) Vest, MOLLE II, Woodland Camo--Army Surplus

FLC (Fighting Load Carrier) Vest, MOLLE II, Woodland Camo--Army Surplus
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M.O.L.L.E II Fighting Load Carrier Vest,
Woodland Camouflage

Condition: Used, Good
NSN: 8465-01-465-2056

Buckles will be KHAKI or BLACK!

Made to fit underneath the full MOLLE pack. Worn high on the chest, this one-size-fits-all Adjustable height and dual "T"-tab waist adjustments, this vest is made of high-quality Cordura nylon and nylon webbing. Genuine US Army Surplus, this vest is literally covered in PALS Universal Webbing, and can a number of combat loadouts: Medical, Rifleman, S.A.W. Gunner, Grenadier. Height-adjustable through rear webbing straps, and sideways "T"-shaped webbing sandwich tab on each side to slot in at any place on the PALS webbing on the belt to adjust width. If need be, you can even un-thread the webbing from the inner rear buckles, so the waist can be narrowed even more. Can be zipped up or buckled over body armor. Durable, rugged, and versatile, the material even takes well to commercial dyes, so can be easily used for Paintball or hunting in any environment. Truly a universal platform.


  • One-Size-Fits-All
  • Adjustable Height and Dual "T"-tab Waist Adjustments
  • High-Quality Nylon Cordura and Nylon Webbing
  • Covered in PALS Universal Webbing
  • ITW Fastex GhillieTex Infrared Resistant Polymer
  • Takes Well to Commercial Dies
  • Great for Paintball, Fishing, Survival
  • Genuine US Army Surplus



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