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We sell only high-quality Army & Military Surplus: BDU/ACU (Fatigues), Duffle Bags, Combat Boots, Outdoor Gear, Camping Supplies, Hunting & Survival Equipment, Law Enforcement Equipment, Sleeping Bags, Fleece Jackets, Polypro Long Johns, Ammo Cans, and a whole lot more. Place orders online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and feel free to call us with any question, concerns, requests, or orders-by-phone, call us toll-free at 800.541.1839 from 9am-5pm CST Monday thru Friday.

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Real Military Surplus, High Quality. This is what we do. We buy real government auctions, and pick out only items we would personally sell to friends and family to offer to our customers. If it doesn't meet that guideline, we simply do not sell it. We carry authentic military issue army surplus--most items do not have UPC codes, because they were manufactured for military use. We do not peddle commercial-made knockoffs as many sites do; We offer first and foremost genuine Military Issue items, from : BDU/ACU Fatigues, Combat Boots, Law Enforcement Equipment, Outdoor Gear, Hunting & Survival Equipment, Sleeping Bags, Camping Supplies, Duffle Bags, Polypro Long Johns, Fleece Jackets, Ammo Cans, and a lot more.

What other stores would call new, we call used. Our mission is to offer the highest quality, real military items to our customers, and to offer it at reasonable prices. We don't base price on what everyone else sells for, we base it on what the item cost us, which sometimes comes out to extremely low prices. We value integrity and honesty more than profit. We take great pride in offering great deals to you.

Government Issue items are designed to a much higher standard than most commercial goods--designed for hot or cold weather, wet or arid climates, designed for repeated heavy usage. Knock-offs and imports fall apart after a few months, or in some cases, weeks--but genuine military issue gear is built to last.

We do offer commercial items, but unlike our competition, we will not try to hide the fact. Commercial items are clearly labeled, and we only sell items that have proven to be rugged, dependable, and worth their price. BDUs, ACUs and fatigues by Tru-Spec and Propper; camping gear by Trek Tent and Rothco; hunting gear by Major Tactical and Bush Rag; MOLLE-compatible accessories and pouches by Major Surplus and Voodoo; combat and army boots by Wellco, Bates, and Altama; outdoor equipment by Mil-Spec+ and McNett, and other items from companies that have proven their quality, and products we can personally vouch for. We sell nothing low-quality or cheap, regardless of its brand name or cost.

We have a birck-and-mortar surplus store in Columbia, Missouri, backed up with a 11,000 square foot warehouse loaded with gear bought in bulk from auctions, military bases, and suppliers all over the United States of America and beyond. We've been selling in stores for almost four decades, and online for over eight years. We have extremely high rankings on Amazon and eBay, and thousands of satisfied customers.

We only offer gear and clothing that have proven their value in our surplus stores, and will work as intended for years, whether high-quality camping equipment, outdoor clothing, head gear, foot gear, backpacks, bags, pouches, or accessories. These items have been approved and used by American troops, hunters and campers, and law enforcement for years, and we are proud to offer then to you.

ArmyGear™: Real Quality, Real Army Gear.